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Podnapisi :: Victor Victoria

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Victor Victoria v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 26.942 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Datum: 26.06.2008

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Victor Victoria

{105}{183}-Can you believe this weather?|-l thought we left Chicago.
{199}{259}Can you see|that Count Grazinski gets this, please?
{261}{286}Yes, sir.
{311}{374}-Count Grazinski.|-Yes, sir, 432.
{793}{829}Hi, Norma.
{908}{989}-That's really funny. Good night, Squash.|-Good night, boss.
{1285}{1333}Give me the housekeeper, please.
{1429}{1523}-l thought you were going to bed.|-l think l'm having an anxiety attack.
{1533}{1588}You better get some sleep.
{1590}{1664}l may want to get up in the morning|and play some golf.
{1684}{1727}Boss, it's snowing outside.
{1773}{1816}We'll use red balls.
{1969}{2031}Yes, this is Mr....
{2059}{2088}King Marchand.
{2126}{2194}Mr. Todd in Suite 432.
{2201}{2293}Would you be kind enough to have|a maid bring up some extra towels, please?
{2295}{2346}-Oui, monsieur.|-Thank you so much.
{5670}{5750}Bonsoir, Monsieur Todd.|C'est pour le Comte.
{6547}{6620}The concierge gave me this,

Victor Victoria

{4088}{4122}Cab fare, Richard?
{4164}{4212}No, l've got to pay some bills.
{4230}{4283}You could at least leave me|enough for breakfast.
{4285}{4368}Toddy, one would suspect|you think l'm mercenary.
{4376}{4408}Try 'unscrupulous.'
{4410}{4454}You get your money's worth.
{4470}{4524}l'd say we both get my money's worth.
{4531}{4636}Look, Toddy, if you're not happy|with the arrangement--
{4638}{4686}As a matter of record, l'm not.
{4688}{4736}But to quote the immortal bard:
{4740}{4810}'Love looks not with the eyes,|but with the mind
{4819}{4881}'And therefore is winged Cupid|painted blind'
{4998}{5036}Have a nice day, Toddy.
{5045}{5076}l'll do my damnedest.
{7212}{7290}As you can tell, Monsieur Labisse,|l have a legitimate voice.
{7292}{7368}Yes, l'm looking for something|a little more illegitimate.
{7373}{7444}-l'm sure that with a little practice l--|-Lady.
{7451}{7544}That's like a nun saying,|with practice, she'd be a streetwalker.
{7602}{7660}-lt has to come naturally.|-Right.

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 Victor Victoria (1982)

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