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DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Vizontele v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 29.305 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

Št. downloadov: 3

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Vizontele Cd2_eng.sub

{1326}{1439}All you do is eat, drink and crap.|Some of you never tumble.
{1446}{1529}Some of you think you're partridges.|You are tumblers!
{1531}{1609}Some of you get away|with two tumbles a day.
{1611}{1759}l won't name names here.
{1761}{1836}But that's finished!
{1851}{1901}No more feed for non-tumblers.
{2006}{2094}You think l will tumble for you?
{2121}{2189}No tumbles, no feed.
{2194}{2261}Go easy on the guys.|They're just birds after all.
{2271}{2311}What's up, good-for-nothing?
{2336}{2359}My father sent for you.
{2374}{2421}What could the teacher want?
{2431}{2459}He is the Mayor!
{2464}{2541}What ever. Mayor then. He was my|teacher once. What does he want?
{2556}{2709}Quit moping.|Have some more feed.
{2734}{2789}But l'm expecting tumbles tomorrow!
{2884}{2929}Turn that wheel a little.
{2931}{2966}This one?
{3076}{3131}How did you manage|to build all these gadgets.
{3134}{3204}l learned from my master.
{3214}{3319}He asked me to hold a screwdriver|for him one day.

Vizontele Cd1_eng.sub

{184}{209}in memory of...
{214}{257} grandfather, Nazmi Erdo?an
{259}{299}and my brother, G?rdal Tosun...
{472}{547}1974 - A small town|in southeastern Turkey
{2204}{2239}Emin! Emin!
{2264}{2289}Yeah, what?
{2407}{2427}Cut it out!
{2449}{2492}lso, Veysi, you bastards.
{2612}{2642}Just wait till l catch you!
{2647}{2677}Stop it!
{2697}{2754}lf l fucking catch you...!
{2939}{3044}Sons of bitches!|l'll show you!
{4607}{4637}Missed it again!
{8132}{8174}lsn't it a bit too close for comfort?
{8177}{8264}Closeness inspires love,|which leads to Art.
{8267}{8342}How many girls have you|tried that line on?
{8344}{8387}Search for the answer|in my eyes.
{8389}{8487}-What a fucking stupid movie!|-Don't flip out on me!
{8489}{8579}-lt's bullshit!|-So don't watch it, idiot!
{8584}{8657}How am l supposed to know it's|bullshit without watching it? ldiot!
{8689}{8719}Keep it down!
{8722}{8794}Shut your faces and sit down!
{8804}{8852}Hello! What a coincidence!
{8862}{8892}You aga

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