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Podnapisi :: When.I.Turned.Nine.2004.DVDRip.DivX.AC3-MoNG

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film When.I.Turned.Nine.2004.DVDRip.DivX.AC3-MoNG v jeziku angleščina. Datoteka velikosti 24.454 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Angleščina Angleščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{92}{314}Presented by Cinema Service
{356}{443}Produced by Hwang Ki Sung Films, Ltd.
{1233}{1359}Executive Producer|HWANG Ki-sung
{1538}{1647}Executive Producer|HWANG Kyung-sung
{1677}{1765}Producers|SEO Hyun-seok, HWANG Ji-yong|Co-producer|CHOUNG Chong-hun
{1806}{1893}Cinematography CHUN Jo-myoung|Lighting LEE Joo-saeng
{1917}{2001}Editing KIM Hyun|Location Sound SON Seok-hyun
{2036}{2119}Art Director SIHN Jeom-hui|Music ROH Young-sim
{2158}{2258}Original Novel WE Kee-cheul|Screenplay LEE Man-hee
{2312}{2373}Yeo-min, your father's leaving.
{2460}{2540}Director YUN In-ho
{2542}{2582}- So summer break is over?|- Yes.
{2586}{2621}Be Good at school.
{2624}{2673}- Have a good day, dad.|- You too.
{2679}{2721}Honey, don't work too hard. You
{2725}{2748}don't look so well.
{2751}{2793}Alright. You have a good day.
{2813}{2872}I'll see you later.
{2911}{2961}- Bye.|- Bye.
{2964}{3064}I totally don't wanna see our|teacher!
{3070}{3124}Is there any way I can skip scho


{247}{389}Isn't that Yeo-min? Yeo-min!|Yeo-min!
{462}{504}Get out of the way!
{640}{696}We have to take them to the hospital.
{829}{886}Yeo-min, are you ok?
{889}{934}I'm ok.
{937}{999}How's Woo-rim?
{1002}{1106}She'll be alright. Don't worry.
{1109}{1183}She's been sleeping for a while.|She'll be up soon.
{1210}{1245}She's little hot.
{1321}{1392}All this happened|because of a rabbit.
{1395}{1459}Why did she chase after a rabbit?
{1462}{1543}I'll make sure accidents like this|never happen again.
{1546}{1622}- I'm very sorry.|- Please. Don't worry about it.
{1625}{1680}- Teacher!|- Yes.
{1683}{1756}May I speak with|Woo-rim's mother?
{1760}{1814}What is it?
{1817}{1904}Hello, ma'am.|I'm Woo-rim's friend Keum-bok.
{1908}{1967}Woo-rim's father must be very
{1970}{2022}worried about her.
{2025}{2135}Of course. He's also worrying|about her in Seoul.
{2138}{2224}She doesn't live with her father?
{2227}{2341}No. He's a doctor in Seoul.
{2345}{2411}So no one lives in America

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