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Jezik: Španščina Španščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Alma mia/Alma

00:00:00,960 --> 00:00:03,428
It's another hot day
in Buenos Aires.

00:00:03,496 --> 00:00:07,057
The temperature?...get ready
for this: 30 degrees and rising

00:00:07,133 --> 00:00:09,363
So friends,
be ready to face

00:00:09,469 --> 00:00:13,235
another terrible day of this
weird summer in this weird city.

00:00:13,306 --> 00:00:16,742
Another message from Popys:
"The radio show is cool...

00:00:16,810 --> 00:00:19,108
Thanks a lot, Popys.
And as usual...

00:00:19,179 --> 00:00:23,047
she dedicates a song to Ruby.
Popys, between you and me,

00:00:23,116 --> 00:00:25,846
you' re crazy about Ruby?

00:00:25,919 --> 00:00:29,116
While the song's playing
l' ll tell you a story.

00:00:29,189 --> 00:00:31,282
A love story.
But let me warn you...

00:00:31,357 --> 00:00:35,191
It doesn't have a happy ending.
Well...Here it goes...

00:00:37,764 --> 00:00:44,795
There is a full moon that
wants to change my fate


Alma mia/Alma mia.ENG.sub

{24}{85}It's another hot day|in Buenos Aires.
{87}{176}The temperature?...get ready|for this: 30 degrees and rising
{178}{234}So friends,|be ready to face
{236}{330}another terrible day of this|weird summer in this weird city.
{332}{418}Another message from Popys:|"The radio show is cool...
{420}{477}Thanks a lot, Popys.|And as usual...
{479}{576}she dedicates a song to Ruby.|Popys, between you and me,
{577}{646}you' re crazy about Ruby?
{647}{727}While the song's playing|l' ll tell you a story.
{729}{782}A love story.|But let me warn you...
{783}{879}It doesn't have a happy ending.|Well...Here it goes...
{944}{1119}There is a full moon that|wants to change my fate
{1139}{1282}It is quiet and smiling,|she's here
{1284}{1372}here...with me...
{1390}{1572}There's a flow that carries me,|and you don't master the river
{1588}{1664}so let it go|where it wants to go
{1684}{1808}I don't master the river myself
{1834}{2020}There 's a fresh water spring|that will change my life
{2035}{2220}There 's a

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