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Podnapisi :: This island earth

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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{2433}{2505}One more.|Just one more, please,|Dr. Meacham.
{2505}{2565}Hold it, please.|A little closer|to the wing, sir.
{2565}{2613}A little more profile,|Dr. Meacham.
{2613}{2661}He wants to get that|faraway, visionary look.
{2661}{2733}Cal, we know how|tired you must be.
{2733}{2792}We'll make it|as short as possible.|Fire away, gentlemen.
{2792}{2865}I warn you, I am beginning|to feel faraway and visionary.
{2865}{2949}How about your conference with|the committee on atomic power ?|Not my conference.
{2949}{2997}Twenty engineers|and scientists were there.
{3008}{3069}Hardly a routine meeting,|Would you say ?|And look, Cal,
{3069}{3165}we won't buy the committee|getting you V.I.P.S together|for a cocktail party.
{3165}{3285}All right, I'll tell you this|much. Under discussion was the|biggest job we've ever tackled:
{3285}{3333}the industrial application|of atomic energy.
{3333}{3417}That's not news.|There've been several industrial|reactors in work already.
{3429}{3488}Let us say that in ligh

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