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Podnapisi :: Fantastic Four (2CD)

DOWNLOAD Podnapisi za film Fantastic Four (2CD) v jeziku slovenščina. Datoteka velikosti 26.118 bitov v zip obliki.

Jezik: Slovenščina Slovenščina

Št. downloadov: 11

Objavil: faca5
Datum: 05.03.2006

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{1550}{1642}Typical of Victor Von Doom to build|a 30-foot statue of himself.
{1648}{1705}Well, it's obviously aimed|at first-time visitors...
{1710}{1787}to create feelings|of smallness, inadequacy.
{1822}{1864}Good thing it ain't working.
{1882}{1972}Reed, what are we doing here?|This guy's fast-food, strip-mall science.
{1979}{2030}This wasn't our first stop,|in case you forgot.
{2035}{2134}Besides, Victor's not that bad.|He's just a little larger than life.
{2339}{2434}My research suggests that exposure|to a high-energy cosmic storm...
{2440}{2545}borne on solar winds might have triggered|the evolution of early planetary life.
{2569}{2678}In six weeks, another cloud|with the same elemental profile...
{2684}{2726}will pass Earth's orbit.
{2751}{2842}A study conducted in space could|fundamentally advance our knowledge...
{2848}{2925}about the structure of the human genome,|cure countless diseases...
{2930}{3028}extend human life, give kids a chance|to live longer, stronger, healthi


{143}{182}So what's the prognosis?
{191}{293}Your tissue, your organs, your entire|biophysical structure is changing.
{299}{357}Every system is still functioning somehow.
{371}{408}And it's changing into?
{411}{447}I don't really know.
{450}{521}Some kind of organic-metallic alloy...
{535}{613}stronger than titanium or carbon steel,|harder than diamonds.
{627}{685}Like the shields|Reed said would protect us.
{818}{847}How long?
{851}{936}At this rate, the infection could be|complete in two, maybe three weeks.
{942}{976}What do you mean complete?
{980}{1017}I wish I could tell you.
{1020}{1088}I can't pretend to know|what we're dealing with here.
{1119}{1167}I'll have to notify the CDC.
{1171}{1214}-What?|-Centre for Disease Control.
{1218}{1242}I know what it is.
{1245}{1323}If this thing is contagious, we may have|a big problem on our hands.
{1328}{1381}We're talking about an epidemic here.
{1401}{1427}Look at me.
{1479}{1508}I have a life.
{1525}{1581}I'm the face of a billion-dollar com

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 Fantastic Four
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 Fantastic Four (2005)
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