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Jezik: Turščina Turščina

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Objavil: faca5
Datum: 26.06.2008

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Insider/Insider CD2 TUR.txt

{525}{612}Please don't wash your hands|in the sink.
{615}{688}Where should I wash them?
{692}{750}Use the bathroom.
{750}{795}What's the difference?
{798}{845}That's for food.
{1170}{1240}Leave it on.|Just leave it on! Okay?
{2618}{2668}I don't think|I can do this.
{2818}{2870}I want to stand by|my husband.
{2875}{2930}I really do, Jeffrey,|but...
{2975}{3032}I don't think I can|do this anymore.
{3112}{3158}I am so sorry.
{3628}{3695}Can we talk about this|when I get back?
{3825}{3872}Yes, Jeffrey.
{5215}{5285}It's okay.|- [Man On P.A.: indistinct]
{5730}{5775}You've been served.
{6075}{6138}Now, what this one is is|a temporary restraining order,
{6142}{6222}gag order,|issued by a Kentucky court.
{6228}{6288}Jeff Wigand,|Michael Moore.
{6290}{6335}Good to meet you,|Dr. Wigand.
{6340}{6388}Mike's our attorney general|down here.
{6388}{6440}I was just explaining to Jeff|they got a Kentucky court...
{6445}{6510}to issue a gag order|to stop his deposition today.

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